Enys House and Garden....

Getting ready to hang some paintings at the wonderful Enys House affordable Art Exhibition. The show is on from Saturday 5th May until Bank Holiday Monday 7th May.

An amazing, atmospheric setting for some great local artists to showcase their work.

The Enys Estate has been owned by members of the Enys family since the 13th century, starting with Robert de Enys in 1272. Samuel Enys (1611-1697) was the first owner of Enys known to have left records of his family tree and notes about his family life, including his marriage to Elizabeth Pendarves and their several children.

The estate was passed on in the male line through two centuries through a succession of Samuel Enys' and John Enys' until the beginning of the 19th century, when the then John Enys died suddenly in an accident without a heir, and the estate was passed to his uncle Francis Enys in 1802.

Today, the estate is in the capable hands of the Enys Trust, which is charged with the task of taking care of the house and gardens now and into the future.

Come and support this incredible place, and enjoy the oceans of beautiful bluebells.




#helenprudames #halfacentury #cornwall #oilpainting #abstractart #prudamesart #painting

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