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My works are abstract oil paintings inspired by the landscape, seascape and skyscape of West Cornwall.

I also draw on local industrial history and the scars and impact mining has left on the environment.

Using instinctive marks with a palette knife, my style has developed into a loose, fluid technique that reproduces the images taken from memory rather than photographs or sketches. This results in an impressionistic representation of the scene I’m painting, and I revisit the work many times in order to build depth and texture.

I paint from my home studio in the village of Townshend, near Hayle.

PLEASE NOTE that any postage/shipping costs for the paintings are not calculated or included in the prices on the website.

Purchasing from the website is for securing the painting only, and we can arrange collection/delivery and agree any extra costs incurred between us afterwards.  See my Terms and Conditions for further details

I will happily send paintings via courier, but due to the huge variation in costs its impossible to quote on the website.
You are of course more than welcome to come and view the work - its really important to view paintings if at all possible.

My contact details are here

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